Former track star Jacobus van der Berg dies

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FORMER Western Province and South African Amateur Athletic and Cycling Board of Control athlete Jacobus van der Berg had died on Friday, 5 August.

He was 76.

Van der Berg was a member of the Elsie’s River Amateur Athletics Club.

In the main photograph is van der Berg, right. From left is Robin April, Sam de Wet and Edgar Cloete.

Jacobus van der Berg
Jacobus van der Berg, left, was the coach of the Western Province cross country team to Port Elizabeth in 1976.

He was an 880 yard (half mile) champion during the 1960s.

“Van der Berg opened the door for me at the Elsie’s River Club. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have been the athlete I was,” says multiple track champion Sam de Wet.

He was the “leader of the quartet during the training sessions” which included De Wet, Cloete and April.

Van der Berg died on De Wet’s birthday (78).

After his athletics career as an athlete Van der Berg had coached several athletes at the Elsie’s River Club, most notably the 1975 senior men’s 800m record-holder and champion Wilfred Daniels.

Van der Berg also served as the coach of several Western Province teams during the 1970s.

Van der Berg had been seriously ill over the last two years, battling diabetes.

His funeral will be at 9am on Saturday, 20 August, at the Verenigde Gereformeerde Kerk in Tiervlei/Ravensmead.

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