Shaun Vester to miss track meeting

THE fastest athlete in the South African Council on Sport (Sacos) Shaun Vester will be sitting in the stands to see some of his team-mates run in the South African Senior Schools Sports Association (SASSSA) track and field meeting at the Athlone stadium on the 2nd of April (1989).

(Main picture: Clint Cloete, Shaun Vester and Nazeem Smith, inset Shaun Vester)

Vester, 19, who recently (1988) clocked explosive times of 10,1 seconds on two occasions at the track at the University of the Western Cape, has up to now not been considered for the SASSSA meeting.

The schools officials have decided not to give Shaun the opportunity to run at the second semi-final champion of champions meeting since he has missed the first semi-final due to a leg injury. A letter has been forwarded to the controlling body, the Western Province Senior Schools Sports Union (WPSSSU) in which was requested whether Shaun could run in the second semi-final champs.

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Shaun Vester,19, boasts a personal best time of 10,1 seconds in the 100m.

The request was turned down as the WPSSSU returned a letter stating that Shaun could not run as this would be unfair on other athletes competing.

Vester accepts and respects the decision taken by WPSSSU.

Furthermore, Shaun said, “Now that I can’t run for the schools I will gear all my hunger for classy times at the Sacos Games on April 6.”

At school Shaun’s teammates ask him how is it that he is so fast.

“Hard training and the determination to do well.

“I train throughout the year and my hard work has paid off on the track.”

He urges athletes to train hard and properly as that is the only way to the top.

“My attention is now focussed on club athletics since they have presented me with an opportunity to crack the ten-second barrier at the SAAAB track and field meeting championships which I think is possible.

“I am determined to set new times and improve Sacos sport,” said the softly-spoke Shaun.

It is Shaun’s desire to one day compete overseas against the best in the world since he feels confident that he can improve his times particularly the 200m time of 20,8 seconds set in 1987 at the Vygieskraal Stadium.

“A scholarship to the United States of America would be a dream come true,” he said.

  • Paul Nash (1968) and Peter Ngubeni (1984) clocked hand times of 10 seconds.

 – Written by Clement du Plessis. This is an article that was originally published in the Sunday Times in March 1989.

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