Spes Bona lives up to its creed


GLEANING from school records, Spes Bona has always referred to itself as ‘Spes Bona School’.
Established in 1964, Dr. A.J.J. Cupido was its first principal. He served the boys’ school until 1970.

By 1970, Gavin Benjamin, John Wippenaar, Terry February and a young Edmund Lewis were household names at the school, if not in the Western Province Senior Schools Sports Union athletics teams.

The 1979 Spes Bona athletics team.
The 1979 Spes Bona athletics team.

Here is an athletics team photograph which was taken in 1979 when the school achieved third position at the Champion of Champions.

In 1978, the school had won the C Section.

At the champs in 1979, the school relied on the talents of  ‘Spes Bona Express’ Wilton Pick, high jumper Mark Bowers, shot putter and long jumper Charles Isaacs, shot putter and discus thrower Steven Ganger (captain), and long jumper and relay team member Argyle Stanfliet.

Joey Daniels

The school team was coached by Joey Daniels and the principal during this time was Mr. R.P. Williams.

Williams instilled in the boys the fundamental and declared philosophy of the school that all activities are directed at the development of the whole person i.e. intellectual, spiritual and physical.

“If we do not cherish what we have so painstakingly built up in 15 years (1964-1979), it will so easily slip from our grasp. So, it is the responsibility of all members of the school, as well as those who have ties with the school (teachers, pupils and parents), to spare some thought to what Spes Bona possesses; to assess its value; and then to make sure that what we have, is handed intact to those who follow us.”


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  • January 22, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    It needs to be mentioned that through all the years, and especially in 1979, the relay teams of Spes Bona were instrumental in its successes.


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